Cremation Options

With cremation, you have options that aren’t available with traditional burial. You can place the remains in an urn and inter it in the family plot, place the urn in a niche in Rest Haven Memorial Park’s mausoleum, or customize your cremation. Our Family Service Counselors will explain the many options that are available to you.

Cremation Services

Cremation Services

More and more people are choosing cremation as an alternative to a traditional burial service. Rest Haven Memorial Park offers a wide range of choices that allow you to choose the type of service that you find most meaningful. Learn more about Cremation Services here.

Customize your Cremation

Customize Your Cremation

Rest Haven Memorial Park is the area leader for personalized cremation options. Aside from our dazzling selection of urns and other cremation keepsakes, you can pre-plan your cremation service in a way that is uniquely you.

Rest Haven Mausoleum


Another interment option besides traditional ground burial is mausoleum entombment. A mausoleum is simply a large building designed to provide above-ground interment (or entombment) for a number of unrelated people. Sharing the cost of the mausoleum with other individuals has made it an affordable and attractive option for many. Rest Haven Memorial Park features one chapel mausoleum.

Cremation Boulder

Our Granite Cremation Boulders are beautifully cut with industrial diamond tipped drills to create a special receptacle in the boulder. We then insert custom inscribed bronze urns designed to contain cremated remains.The finished product is a gorgeous permanent memorial and urn combination that can be placed in one of our cremation gardens or anywhere you choose, even your backyard!

Cremation Memorial

Our Combination Cremation/Urn Memorial is a beautifully designed bronze memorial which is actually a combination urn and memorial in one. Permanently attached to the bottom of the memorial are two hand-crafted bronze urns designed to hold cremated remains. This memorial can be placed in many different gardens of our cemetery.


A niche is used for the permanent storage and/or display of cremated remains. There are many kinds of niches to chose from. We even have some niches that are made of bronze and are glass fronted so you can always see the actual urn that contains the cremated remains.


We have numerous types of urns with an array of styles and themes to choose from, making it easier to select an urn that reflects the life of your loved one. If a traditional style is what you seek, we also have a variety of classic urns to choose from. Themed urns are normally used when a family member wants to highlight a particular hobby, interest or sport. Themed urns are used to depict hobbies such as golfing, fishing, sailing, motorcycle riding or music. You can also choose from a wide variety of keepsake urns, used when a small portion of the ashes are to be kept. This is usually the case when the family scatters the ashes and decides to keep a small portion in an urn. Also sometimes several family members wish to keep a portion of the ashes which necessitates several keepsake urns.

For information on interring cremated remains, contact us at (765) 447-1797.